Established since 1991, we are a sales and marketing company representing several European specialty food producers as well as a large exporter in France, Thomas Export.

Our experience and specialty expertise is in the development of importation and promotional programs of French and selected European specialty cheeses and other perishable items in to the USA.

We develop and execute sales and marketing plans in order to get European food products approved and in to the US distribution channels:

• To our European suppliers we offer specific expertise in exporting specialty foods.

Over the years, we have successfully established long lasting business relationships with numerous Food Importers and Food Service Distributors in the USA as well as large specialty food retailers.

• To our US customers, we offer sales and marketing support as well as product knowledge for food products imported from Europe.

Over these more than 20 years, we have established solid relationships with an extensive network of European Exporters.

Together with our European suppliers and partners, we offer a full variety of specialty cheeses from France. Constantly sourcing new products from regional dairies, we have over 700 cheeses available for export to the USA. Our emphasis is artisanal and farmhouse cheeses from different regions of France.

Our relationships with our customers have lead us to source for them other non-perishable items, such as vacuum packed vegetables, condiments, olives, etc. Through our contacts in France, we are able to select specific items (perishable as well as non perishable) for our US customers and to act as liaison between European producers and US customers.